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Pets health is our number one priority and in order to ensure that we sterilize our tools and equipment after every use! Our services vary depending on the needs of each dog.
Before starting the grooming process we examine and evaluate every dog's condition so that we can choose the proper services required. This process gives us the ability to understand each dog's health state and, in some cases, treat promplty any possible health problem may occur.
Additionally, if you face any problem bringing your dog to us or you don't have the time, you can ask for our transportation service. Our professional driver, with 15 years driving experience, will be more than happy to pick up your dog from your place and bring it back with safety.

Bath Only

We bathe your four-legged friend using exclusively Top Dog's innovative grooming products, based on effective all-natural ingredients and essential oils providing exquisite results and meeting the needs of each and every dog and coat type.
We clean your dog's ears using all-natural cleansing spray to remove dirt, hair and the unnecessary ear wax.
We blow dry the coat with a professional blaster, trim the nails and nourish the paws. We finish with a spritz of perfume.
Usually and if it's needed, we combine Bath Only services with dematting and/or deshedding.

Bath & Tidy up

Combines all the Bath Only services with clipping areas that get constantly dirty (genitalia, belly and paws).
Additionally, we trim with scissors specific body areas of the dog such as the legs, booty, head and/or ears.
This service is ideal for medium and long haired breeds and mixes that do cannot get a full body haircut, creating a natural result that brings out each dog's characteristics.
Usually and if it's needed, we combine Bath & Tidy up services with dematting and deshedding.

Full Groom

Full dog grooming which includes the Bath services plus body haircut with clippers or scissors, hand stripping or deshedding depending on the needs of each dog! Full Haircut
In cases where we wish a short haircut or the dog is extremely matted, we start by clipping the body before bath.
After the bath we continue the grooming by dematting the coat and finishing the haircut with clippers to the desired coat length, as well as trimming with scissors the dog's snout (mouth, beard, eye angles), bangs, head, ear length, tail and legs.
The haircut is always done according to the dog parent desires and the condition of the dog's coat. Stripping
Stripping is a grooming technique that helps deshedding using special stripping tools.
We finish the haircut using scissors where is needed: bangs, eyebrows, beard, tail, legs and skirt, depending on the dog breed and your preferences.

Puppy Welcoming

Here, in Pawsome Dog Grooming salon, we want each and every dog to have a great grooming experience. The best way to achieve that is by introducing them properly from the beggining.
As soon as your puppy gets vaccinated and your vet approves it, we can start the familiarization with the grooming process.
Puppy Welcoming is a step by step introduction to grooming starting from the age of 14 weeks until 8 months old puppies. It is extremely important for your puppy to get a positive first experience in grooming without any stress or bad handling. Knowing that your dog will be groomed frequently for his/her whole life, our goal is to ensure that he/she will enjoy it or at least will get used to it without stressing too much.
This service includes bath, nail trimming and grinding and if it's needed a paw, sanitary and face tidy up.

How often can I bathe my dog?

Bath frequency depends on the coat needs. A long-haired dog needs to be brushed and pampered frequenlty. Some important facts that we should concider is how much the dog gets dirty during his walks and the smells we may observe in closed places. For dogs that live with us in our houses, we suggest that they take a bath once a month, considering their needs. In cases that it’s needed more frequent baths, it is very important to use only mild and specialized grooming products.

How often should I brush my dog?

It is very important to brush our dog at least twice a week. For long-haired dogs it is suggested to be brushed on a daily basis. By doing this you make sure that dead hair is removed, along with dirt and allergens, allowing the skin to breath and preventing hair matting. Also, by brushing our dog we can spot ticks or fleas as well as skin lesions. Brushing boosts blood circulation and if it’s done correctly and with the proper brush, can be a very enjoyable process. Moreover, it is proved that frequent brushing strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

How long will it take to groom my dog?

The duration of the grooming process depends on your dog’s coat type and needs and also on his behavior during the session and towards us. If your dog gets really stressed during the bath and groom, we have to make him/her umderstand that we won’t do anything painful to him/her so that in time he/she will get used to it and even enjoy the process! The best way is to be calm and confident when you bring your dog to the salon and even better to take him/her for a nice walk so that your dog is relieved and stress free.

Should I be there during the grooming process or is it better to leave?

There is no correct answer to this question. You are welcome to stay if you wish or not! If your dog is really stressed though, being there will not help him/her build a bond of trust with the groomer and this is always our objective for a successful grooming. In rare cases, such as senior dogs or dogs with health issues, the dog parent’s presense is necessary.

Additional services

The following services can be provided individually or combined with all the above grooming packages. Combination is suggested for better results.

Leg grooming - nail trimming, hair trimming and paw nourishing

Deshedding - Ideal for double-coated dogs

Dematting - remove matted hair

Stripping - only for specific dog breeds using the special stripping tool. It ensures that the dead hair will be removed evenly, leaving untouched the healthy coat.

Anal glands expressing

Please, call us for appointment

We are always at your disposal for any queries you may have or for booking appointments through phone or text (Viber, WhatsApp)

Opening hours

For appointments out of opening hours, please contact us

  • Monday 10:00 - 19:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 - 19:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 - 19:00
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Google Reviews
Mariana LalaouniMariana Lalaouni
11:56 12 Mar 23
I highly recommend Pawsome pet grooming for anyone looking for a caring and professional grooming experience for their furry friends. The staff is very attentive and they really took the time to make sure my German Shepherd, Kimonas, was comfortable and happy throughout the entire grooming process. Thank you, Pawsome!
Elvie TsolakakiElvie Tsolakaki
11:14 28 Sep 22
Sophia is awesome!! She respects your pet, very kind very professional and with a lot of patience!! She makes you feel at home! The best dog grooming place ever✔️well done!!! My dog has a difficult fur but Sophia did her magic and fixed other pet groomers mistakes!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻Thank you!! Highly recommended!!
regina rondogiannisregina rondogiannis
18:40 21 Sep 22
While visiting family in Athens I had wanted to prepare my fur baby for his flight back home by getting a bath. Pawsome was able to accommodate us last minute. She also provided day care services so that my husband and I could visit the local sights. When we returned my Bailey was sleeping and the owner was right next to him petting him. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen from a groomer. I could tell she loves what she does and more so has a love for the pets left in her care. I would 100% recommend Pawsome for grooming and daycare services. σας ευχαριστουμε πολυ ❤️
11:15 17 Aug 22
Pawsome is a cute little dog grooming place full of pawsitive energy and care. It is really close to the Acropolis metro and to the nearby hotels there. Sofia is a very kind and skilled professional that took a really good care of my hunting doggo. She loves dogs and she loves what she does and this is of utter importanceI highly recommend this place and we will definitely be back to try the daycare service!
iro kouiro kou
16:00 08 Aug 22
Hi i recently visited Pawsome for grooming for my dog Milo.Coming from UK i was a bit skeptical of leaving him but Sofia made us both feel very welcome from the start!We left him to visit Acropolis and on our way back although we were a bit late Sofia was very cool about it and Milo seemed quite comfortable in her presence which was great!Pet grooming in the UK is much more expensive so i was really pleased with the quality of the service in comparison with the price!we will definitely visit you again!!
Flo Monti LladósFlo Monti Lladós
20:36 04 Aug 22
Really nice place. The groomer is lovely with dogs and humans. She understood that I was a little nervous because it was the first time I was going there and she made sure I was comfortable leaving Theo there. And the most important part, Theo was happy when I picked him up. You know, dogs don’t lie 🐶 if they are happy means grooming was a good experience!

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